The Last Supper (Iran)

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The Last Supper

Sham E Akhar
Mohammad Ghane Fard
2018, Iran, 68′
Première européenne
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'The Last Supper' is a documentary on the ancient Christian village of Maaloula which is located not so far from Damascus, the Syrian capital. The village itself is 7000 years old and its habitants, Muslim and Christian still speak Aramaic which is the language of Lord Jesus Christ. Maaloula has about 40 churches and monasteries and every year pilgrims from all over the world used to visit its beauties and holy sites. At the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the village was invaded by Muslim extremist groups including Al-Nusra front. The tragic point is that these groups were helped by some of the Muslim habitants of the village who betrayed their Christian neighbors who have been living happily together ever since. The Christian habitants and their holy icons are savagely attacked. Women and children are not excluded and Churches are set on fire. Historical paintings and icons are broken or stolen and the images of Holy Mother Mary and Lord Jesus are insulted.
Langue(s):  Arabe
Édition VdR:  2019


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