The Last Self - portrait (Slovaquie)

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The Last Self - portrait

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Marek Kuboš
2018, Slovaquie, 72′
Première suisse
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After a years-long creative (non) hiatus, well-known Slovak documentarian Marek Kuboš has finished his new film. It appears, as one would expect, to be a documentary. At first glance, that is. This cinematic hybrid is Kuboš’s unconventional attempt at self-reflection – as an artist, a son, as well as an ordinary person. Using his finished but unreleased work, he presents a singular, honest confession about why he is seriously considering ending his film career, or at least to the form it has taken to date. Along with many now-established Slovak filmmakers, as well as everyday people, he searches for less-than-simple answers to his less-than-simple questions...  Peter Nágel (Art Film Fest Kosice)
Langue(s):  Slovaque
Édition VdR:  2019


Marek Kuboš

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