DAS LETZTE BUCH (Switzerland)
24 avril 2 mai 2020



  • Anne-Marie Haller, Tanja Trentmann


The film focuses on the exciting life journey of Swiss writer Katharina Zimmermann. Her journey mirrors the emancipation of a generation of Swiss women who lost their independence with marriage. She follows her husband on a mission to the jungle in Indonesia where she raises their four children and five foster children. She lives through the military coup cut off from information from the outside world and endures years of hostility because of her white skin and her foreignness. Back in Switzerland, she is again the “foreigner,” a subject that is also central for her oldest daughter Renate who spent her whole childhood in that jungle. It is with her that we travel to the place that so deeply marked these two women. During a writing career that spans over 30 years, Katharina discovers her voice and finds her path. She has published eleven books, and now, at eighty, she is writing her life story. Yet suddenly she faces another battle because her publisher is threatening to let her go.
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Durée: 94'
Pays: Suisse
Année: 2019
Langue(s): Suisse allemand, Indonésien
Premiere status (in January 2019) : World Premiere
Edition VdR : 2019


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Film disponible sur la Media Library, du 5 avril au 14 juillet 2019, pour les accrédités Industry. www.visionsdureelmedialibrary.ch