Sobradinho (Brésil)

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Cláudio Marques, Marília Hughes
2019, Brésil, 70′
Première mondiale
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In the 1970’s, the dam and hydroelectric power plant of Sobradinho was built. The semi-arid region of the northeastern backlands was chosen by the military regime as the construction site of the dam mainly because it was considered that there would be little resistance from the local population. But the “sertanejos” (“backlanders”) insisted on staying, not wanting to leave their land behind. Four cities and dozens of villages were submerged. About 73,000 people were displaced, shaping up as one of the largest forced migrations in the history of Brazil. Dona Pequenita lives solitarily in Pilão Arcado Velho. It became a ghost town full of ruins. Dona Pequenita was the only former resident to return to her hometown. She will host the three social workers (Teca, Fatima and Francisca) and revive the memory of the region. Precious footage helps us tell this story.
Langue(s):  Portugais
Édition VdR:  2019


Cláudio Marques
Marília Hughes

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