Scaramucce (Italie)

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Alfredo Chiarappa
2018, Italie, 9′
Première européenne
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Scaramucce is a short documentary film shot in Tricarico, a quaint rural village in Southern Italy’s Basilicata region. Every 17th of January, the inhabitants of this town celebrate their Carnival. It's an ancient rite that evokes the transhumance: locals dress up in traditional costumes symbolizing cows and bulls, and spend the entire day together marching and dancing out in the streets of town. At the heart of this coming-of-age story unfolding overnight, there's a group of long-time friends spending the eve of the Carnival together as one last chance to celebrate their youth, before stepping into adulthood.
Langue(s):  Italien
Édition VdR:  2019


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