Reunion (Espagne, Argentine)

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Ilan Serruya
2018, Espagne, Argentine, 65′
Première internationale
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'Reunion' is the encounter between a father and a son. A moment marked by landscape, distance and silence. Ilan is cutting his own hair. He is getting ready to travel to Reunion island. There lives his father, Raphael. The meeting between the father and the son is distinguished by the absence of words, by everyday gestures, by different body postures, by the expression of their faces and by the few sentences that articulate an attempt to resume what seems to be an impossible dialogue. Raphael smokes on the chair, studying his son with his eyes. He is breathing hard. Among them, a camera acts as an intermediary. It observes them together and separately. It is a mediation device: it restrains the dialogue, registers the look on their faces and records the silence. The camera favors the meeting to take place. It protects them from the past and places them only in the present.
Langue(s):  Espagnol
Édition VdR:  2019


Ilan Serruya

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