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Fan Wu
2018, Chine, 480′
Première suisse
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A 480-minute documentary, a historical record of the change of independent music across China, mammoth and complete, involving evolution and conflicts of several generations in Chinese society. In the second decade of the 21 century, it has been ten years since the Beijing Olympics. China has seen the abundance of wealth and civilization. Facing such a diverse lifestyles, people are far more different from each other than ever. Conservative, avant-garde, worried, daring, they not only fail to be understood, but also fail to understand one another. The film is a driving bus of our times, which has already lost its political halo in 30-years glory history, filled with artists, businessmen, workers and all different people who get in and off, however, the innocent younger generation is still queuing up anxiously outside, who might get in one of the buses, or smash all buses.
Langue(s):  Chinois
Édition VdR:  2019


Fan Wu

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