RAMA, du Fushë Kosovë à la Suisse (Suisse, France)

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RAMA, du Fushë Kosovë à la Suisse

Rama, from Fushë Kosovë to Switzerland
Agostino Pacciani
2018, Suisse, France, 60′
Première internationale
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Rama is a Kosovar asylum seeker of Askali origin, a minority of Kosovo. He arrived in Switzerland in 2013 and is fighting for not being sent back home. Because of his wife's psychic conditions their dismissal was suspended. We go to his home country, especially the suburb of Pristina where the minorities live, to show the reality that pushes and forces people like Rama to migrate. 15 years after the war, with the diaspora and the international community’s support, the country seems to have healed its wounds. But that did not stop Kosovo from remaining one of the most important "migrant reservoirs" in Europe. Is this due to the lack of trust, discrimination, corruption or simply a matter of time? We are back in Geneva, following the daily lives of our Kosovar family. Many things have changed after 5 years, but their dreams are yet to come true. The family grew again a baby boy was born which is the pride and joy of Rama. He went through hard times and still today he struggles daily.
Langue(s):  Albanais, Anglais, Français
Édition VdR:  2019


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