PIAZZOLLA, The Years of the Shark (Argentine, France)

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PIAZZOLLA, The Years of the Shark

PIAZZOLLA, los años del tiburón
Daniel Rosenfeld
2018, Argentine, France, 1′
Première suisse
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A documentary with previously unpublished material about the “world‘s foremost composer of tango music” – Astor Piazzolla. The Argentine bandoneon player and composer revolutionized the tango. His tango nuevo, with its jazz and classical influences, made him a controversial figure in his own country, as his revolution clashed with tradition. Reaching the limits of tango he went to study piano composition in Paris in the early 1950s. There he realized that in spite of everything, he was still a tanguero. A multifaceted career was to follow, chiefly in Europe and the United States. For this documentary, Piazzolla’s son Daniel drew on his private collection. Unique footage of numerous performances and intimate family films combine with archive material to paint a vivid portrait of Piazzolla: self-assured, obstinate, passionate and a true virtuoso. Daniel’s commentary reveals a complicated relationship with his father. A rare insight into the mind of a musical genius.
Langue(s):  Espagnol, Anglais, Français
Édition VdR:  2019


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