Parents School (Allemagne)

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Parents School

Adolph Jörg, Bücheler Ralf
2018, Allemagne, 117′
Première européenne
German Films
Sibling conflict, tantrums, divorce strain, shopping addiction, media consumption, or ADHS – children can offer ample cause for parents to reach the ends of their parenting tethers. For help, parents and their children can turn to the Gelsenkirchen Youth and Children’s Clinic – in a three-week intensive program supervised by “parenting license” inventor and psychologist Dietmar Langer. During these twenty-one days, parents get to know themselves and their children anew. The approach is a holistic one, i.e. the doctors and therapists deal not only with the child’s clinical symptoms, but with the entire web of relationships within the family. The film accompanies several families through this difficult period of transition – from clinic admission to the day of aftercare. It is a film about the central issues of parenting and beneficial ways for parents to deal with their children in difficult times – and an image of society, as reflected within clinic walls.
Langue(s):  Allemand
Édition VdR:  2019


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