No Promised Land (Suisse)

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No Promised Land

No Promised Land
Raphael Bondy
2019, Suisse, 52′
Première mondiale
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Since 1977, more than 36,000 African Jews were evacuated from Ethiopia to the promised land of Isreal – to finally arrive "at home". But in Israel they are considered second-class citizens. NO PROMISED LAND addresses the identity crisis of the Israeli-Ethiopian community using the example of four young Ethiopian Israelis. Teacher Benny and fashion designer Lemlem immigrated to Israel with their parents. The activist Inbar and the stand-up comedian Shlomo were born in Israel. Despite the fact that they speak Hebrew fluently and, like all Israelis, completed compulsory military service, their dream of belonging has not come true. They are still waiting for social recognition. Now, after growing demonstrations against the brutality of the police, they are finally hoping for a new life without discrimination.
Langue(s):  Hébreu
Édition VdR:  2019


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