Nijolé (Irak, Lituanie, Italie)

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Sandro Bozzolo
2018, Irak, Lituanie, Italie, 80′
Première suisse
DOK Leipzig
Antanas Mockus, once rector of the National University of Colombia, twice Mayor of Bogotá and three times presidential candidate, is proof that it is possible to make politics without corruption. He recently was elected congressman and through his unconventional mixture of education and performative arts, Antanas has been able to transform a whole generation of Colombians. His mother and source of inspiration is the fascinating and mysterious Nijole Sivickas (1925 - 2018), a Colombian sculptress born in Lithuania. Nijole has never been very open about her life and even Antanas realizes he knows very little about his mother's roots. Antanas' curiosity takes them on an intimate and confronting journey. When Nijole is invited to her motherland for a retrospective, Antanas tries to convince her to present her work in Lithuania for the very first time. But Nijole, who has looked at the world of art with strong skepticism, wants nothing more than having her son back in her atelier.
Langue(s):  Lituanien, Espagnol
Édition VdR:  2019


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