Mataroa. The journey goes on... (Grèce)

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Mataroa. The journey goes on...

Mataroa. To taxidi sinehizete...
Andreas Siadimas
2019, Grèce, 83′
Première internationale
Thessaloniki Agora Doc Market
In December 1945, 150 young Greek men and women embarked upon a journey to Paris on a ship called the “Mataroa”. Their escape from war-torn Greece was a traumatic experience that eventually transformed into creative expression, impacting the intellectual and artistic developments of postwar Europe. A passage from obscurity to visibility, the story of the “Mataroa” and its passengers is a journey that continues to inspire, even more than 70 years later, through the expressive re-discoveries and re-uses of the journey by today’s philosophers and artists, for whom the “Mataroa generation” is a continuing source of inspiration.
Langue(s):  Grec, Français
Édition VdR:  2019


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