Lucas Called the Sea (Brésil)

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Lucas Called the Sea

O Lucas Chamou o Mar
Ani Cires
2018, Brésil, 21′
Première mondiale
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The short documentary film "Lucas Called the Sea" portrays the daily life of a family nucleus made up of Ani, 34, and her two children, Lucas, 15, and Clara, 6. From the gaze of Lucas, the film is constructed through images captured from the real and with the insertion of poetic images, metaphorizing and referencing the feelings and sensations experienced by the character. In the film, the fusion of what is organic and alive: noises of the sea, of breathing - noises of existing inside and outside. More than showing how a specific family lives, the film sets out to challenge looks by provoking reinterpretations that turn poetry into a not so poetic reality and, from an individual experience, provoke in the viewer the reflection on their own look at life and to the next, and understand how one's seeing echoes through a specific individual experience, triggering different thoughts and emotions for each perspective.
Langue(s):  Portugais
Édition VdR:  2019


Luiza Marques Da Costa
Tiago Pinheiro

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