Late afternoon in Alentejo (Portugal)

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Late afternoon in Alentejo

Fim de tarde no Alentejo
Carlos Ruiz
2018, Portugal, 28′
Première mondiale
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Alentejo Late Afternoon is an aesthetic essay on the earliest sources of the art of cinema: light, movement, sound and pretense. Using Alentejo’s landscape as the canvas and the camera as an instrument for the expression of an original look, a cinematographic structure is created around references to the history of cinema, a revisiting of forms, styles and models that made the cinema and its more direct antecedents: photography, painting, music, theater. The evening light is approached as if it were a character, dressed in all the emotions so many are the changing colors that runs through the entire spectrum of visible light. In this sense, in Alentejo Late Afternoon the landscape and the sunset are the pretext to expose, with shamelessness, the invisible joy of creating cinema, this admirable new world of representation, emotion and discovery. Such as the Alentejo landscape that is represented here as the protagonist of a film of a universal time and place.
Langue(s):  Muet
Édition VdR:  2019


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