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Zhihai Chen
2019, Chine, États-Unis, 120′
Première mondiale
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This is not only a documentary,just a father's confession to the absence from the growth of his child.While a special 2038 birthday party organized by single-parent families is going on lively in Guangzhou, a father Hai and his son Xiaoyi are suffering the pain of separation. Hai believed in God piously, but lost his son's custody because of filming the Controversial film HOLIDAY.The clash and Inheritance of civilization are revealed in various forms of contemporary art: music, painting, poetry, dance, Kunqu Opera performed by the Chinese artists and the children in their unique way. Hai kept questioning: Could we share the same but different world?Will the sun become square?Will Jesus be resurrected?Will the son return to his father?
Langue(s):  Chinois, Dialectes Chinois Régionaux, Cantonais
Édition VdR:  2019


Liangzheng Wang
Zhihai Chen

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Liangzheng Wang
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