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Kerro 40

Kerro 40
Aljona Surzhikova
2018, Estonie, 28′
Première internationale
East Silver
Kerro 40 is a story about unique cultural heritage which already 40 years takes place in Estonian countryside called Käru. It is a community based regular events which organized during a year starting from September till May. The core of those activities is classical dance culture and Estonian traditional folklore. Documentary's Kerro 40 author Aljona Surzhikova follows representatives of 3 different generations which actively participate in organization those events and popularization of a strong tradition among younger inhabitants in and outside of Käru community. Lembit Eensoo started to join Kerro events almost 40 years ago, a lot of things are different now. Inge Nuia is taking part in Kerro club activities for 22 years. She started to join the club together with her mum.
Langue(s):  Estonien
Édition VdR:  2019


Aljona Surzhikova

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Aljona Surzhikova
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