Inner Fires (Argentine)

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Inner Fires

Los fuegos internos
Ana Santilli Lago, Laura Lugano, Ayelen Martinez, Malena Battista
2019, Argentine, 70′
Première mondiale
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“Los Fuegos Internos” is a documentary written and starred by three men who were hospitalized in a mental institution. Miguel, Daniel and Germán used the resources of audiovisual language to elaborate on their life experience. The movie was made in “El Cisne del Arte”, a mental-health community center where the protagonists went through their processes of discharge from the asylum. They met in a psychiatric wing and forged a friendship that supported them during their processes of recovery and discharge from the hospital. The film shows them going through their lives in an autonomous way, portraying their individual projects and achievements. Each of them, from his own perspectives, narrates his process by resorting to various formats: documentary, interviews, dramatizations and VideoDance.
Langue(s):  Espagnol
Édition VdR:  2019


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