Iâm-tiâⁿ khu-tiúⁿ (The Chief of Yancheng District) (Taïwan)

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Iâm-tiâⁿ khu-tiúⁿ (The Chief of Yancheng District)

Iâm-tiâⁿ khu-tiúⁿ
Adiong Lu
2018, Taïwan, 51′
Première européenne
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A song with a unique melody illustrated the glorious Yancheng District of the 1960s. This was the niuma-tune styled song ‘The Chief of Yancheng District’. The song also brought out the personality and character of Kaohsiung’s famous politician and Yancheng District Chief, Guo Wan-Zhi. Yancheng District was the political and economic center of Kaohsiung City in the early years. In a period of political sensitivity and reliance on American aid, Yancheng District relied on the proximity and convenience of the Kaohsiung Port and was Kaohsiung’s first window to the outside world. There were shops selling imported goods, restaurants and jewelry. The entire stretch of Qixian Road bore the marks of prosperity that one can still find traces of in the lanes today. And as for the song that was banned, ‘The Chief of Yancheng District’ defined an era and epitomized the people’s way of life.
Langue(s):  Taiwanese Hokkien, Chinois
Édition VdR:  2019


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