I am the other one (Brésil)

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I am the other one

Eu, um outro
Silvia Godinho
2019, Brésil, 110′
Première mondiale
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Luca longs for his lost love; Thalles for a name change; Raul to be a better person. They all share one element: they were born as women. Luca left his home town 12 years ago. Despite that, he still maintains bonds with the place and the people. This time he decided to go after Ana, his first love. They don´t see each other since Luca was still a girl. But he didn´t expect this reencounter would colide with the biggest decision in his life. Luca crosses path with two other transgender men. Raul is a philosophy student who wants to be a teacher. Thalles is a security guard who hates his job. He wants a change. But first he needs to face burocracy and prejudice in order to register his male name. What they all have in common is the urgency of living a life that has just begun.
Langue(s):  Portugais, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2019


Claudia-Glaucia Santos

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