Guilain: from Kivu to Switzerland (Suisse)

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Guilain: from Kivu to Switzerland

Guilain: du Kivu à la Suisse
Agostino Pacciani
2018, Suisse, 49′
Première internationale
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Guilain is a Congolese doctoral student whose residence permit in Switzerland will soon expire. He fled his country because the investigations on human rights he conducts do not please the authorities. At the beginning is arrived in Switzerland without his family, after complicated journeys through different countries, he witnesses his struggles to integrate in the Swiss society and tells us about his daily life with strong arguments and great eloquence - a precarious balance between his ambitions for success and frustration for a future that remains at least uncertain. We follow a trip to the DRC, Kivu, region of Guilain. Bukavu, capital of South Kivu and a boat trip on Lake Kivu to Goma, North Kivu. Guilain portrays stories of mass rapes and disillusioned young students, of street children and those who have joined the militia, the distress of IDP camps and the harsh working conditions in the mines, but also the energy and desperate search for change. Back to Guilain, 5 years later…
Langue(s):  Français, Swahili
Édition VdR:  2019


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