Gino Ti Amo - A story of sub-proletariat in Calabria (Suisse, Italie)

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Gino Ti Amo - A story of sub-proletariat in Calabria

Gino Ti Amo – Una storia di sottoproletariato in Calabria
Pino Esposito
2019, Suisse, Italie, 108′
Première mondiale
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Not only is Calabria in Southern Italy the region with the highest unemployment rate in all of Europe, but also the poorest Italian region. The international financial crisis of the last few years has further intensified the alarming level of poverty and unemployment in this area. Gino, the main character in this film, is 55 years old and chronically unemployed. He lives in a Calabrian village and subsists with petty theft. Crushed by poverty and without future prospects, he sinks deeper and deeper into alcoholism. One day he meets Rosetta in the village bar. Fifty years old and jobless too, Rosetta is alcoholic and even more desperate than Gino. And between them begins a turbulent relationship characterized by poverty, violence, love and treachery.
Langue(s):  Italien
Édition VdR:  2019


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