Fossils (Grèce)

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Panos Arvanitakis
2019, Grèce, 50′
Première suisse
Thessaloniki Agora Doc Market
Before millions of years, alpine folds and later movements of tectonic plates formed lakes in the region of ancient Eordea. A continuous geological activity, caged the aquatic germination of that period and created what later became deposits of coal. In the same area, findings of neolithic communities have been discovered. The last century, workers of PPC reform this land, once inhabited by primeval but also present civilizations. Today, this "Martian" landscape is a bleak piece of land where workers crush, dig and finally mutate it. Dust, ash, huge machines and extreme weather conditions create an environment alien to human nature. It’ s a place where the need for survival encounters the history of man and earth, requiring the responsibility of harsh work, dealt with stoicism.
Langue(s):  Grec
Édition VdR:  2019


Panos Arvanitakis

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