Fissure (Équateur)

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Felipe Cordero
2018, Équateur, 85′
Première internationale
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From the Fissure is hear a scream, full of passion and rebellion that only want a change. This scream is drawn in the faces of several young quiteños, that find in hardcore a way out. They use black clothes, caps, and paint their bodies with tattoos, some chains hanging in their pants, and Xs draw in their hands. They are Straight Hedge, a subculture born in the fanatics of hardcore, that don’t consume alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. This is their revolution. A revolution that appears in a very personal way, from different motivations, but all have the same goal, change the world they have been living in.
Langue(s):  Espagnol
Édition VdR:  2019


Emilia Patiño Carreño

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Emilia Patiño Carreño
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