Everywhere we are (Allemagne)

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Everywhere we are

Überall wo wir sind
Veronika Kaserer
2018, Allemagne, 92′
Première suisse
German Films
Heiko, 29, a bright, lively dance teacher from Berlin, has been fighting a deadly illness for 7 years. When his family and friends have gotten used to the fact that Heiko just lives on, despite all predictions, he comes home to his parents to die. But even then Heiko, and especially his father Jürgen, do not give up hope for a miracle. In contrast, his mother Karin tries to tell her son about her near-death experience and prepare him for his coming death. However, she does not find the right moment, because all along many loving people crowd around Heiko’s bed, to spent the remaining time with each other, to cry together and to laugh heartily. His sister Sonja feels unloved by Heiko. She rushes to organize his passing and ultimately finds her own special closeness, while his objectively reflecting friend Alexander begins to see in Heiko’s death “something similar to a gift”.
Langue(s):  Allemand
Édition VdR:  2019


Veronika Kaserer
Jan Zabeil

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