DERWISHA (France, Algérie)

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Leila Beratto, Camille Millerand
2018, France, Algérie, 39′
Première mondiale
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Derwisha is a district of Alger. In this neighborhood, an house under construction is a waypoint for migrants who want to join Europe. Usually, they do not stay long between this walls but for Michelle, Fabrice and Rodrigue, this house has become open-air prison. Michelle, Fabrice and Rodrigue live here. Michel spend her time watching TV and looking after her daughter, waiting for her husband who work on building site. To keep away from him his demon of the past, Rodrigue works hard to earn an honest living and accumulates relationships. Fabrice children’s are settled on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, in France, but he tries to keep his role as an active father involved fighting against the monotony of everyday life. But their life in Guantanamo has been soon questioned after the reception of an eviction notice. Should they stay and resist ? Is it an opportunity to move forward ? Would they be able to leave Algeria and achieve their dream of Europe ?
Langue(s):  Français, Arabe
Édition VdR:  2019


Olivier Lambert
Ziani Boualem

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