Call Me Intern (Suisse, Nouvelle-Zélande)

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Call Me Intern

Call Me Intern
Nathalie Berger, Leo David Hyde
2019, Suisse, Nouvelle-Zélande, 67′
Première mondiale
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Unpaid interns strike back. Frustrated by the injustices of unpaid internships, Nathalie and David set out to land an internship so they can expose the system from the inside, in an act of millennial gonzo-filmmaking. David ends up working at the United Nations, while living in small blue tent on the Geneva lakefront. This action sparks a global press storm, challenging their role as filmmakers. Meanwhile stories from other interns around the world highlight the motivations and pressures that lead so many millennials to work for free, while pop-culture extracts and testimonies from academics, politicians and employers reveal the concerning impacts of the growing intern economy.
Langue(s):  Anglais
Édition VdR:  2019


Nathalie Berger

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