Buganda Royal Music Revival (Suisse, États-Unis)

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Buganda Royal Music Revival

Buganda Royal Music Revival
Basile Koechlin, Jules Koechlin
2019, Suisse, États-Unis, 61′
Première mondiale
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"Would you like your instrument to be revived? -I don't know… If it was still meaningful, it wouldn't have faded away." Village of Gavu, Uganda. In his late 70, Kopolyano 'Kabeera' Kyobe takes care of the coffee bushes surrounding his house. In the meantime, an old set of xylophone and drums are turning into dust in a neighbouring village. Whereas the traditional music of the kingdom of Buganda is on the verge of oblivion, some remaining royal musicians are brought together to sound their instruments once again. Exploring the balance between memory and oblivion, BUGANDA ROYAL MUSIC REVIVAL addresses the delicate question of the continuity of a centuries-old tradition.
Langue(s):  Anglais, Swahili
Édition VdR:  2019


Basile Koechlin
Jules Koechlin
Malcolm Granath

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