Breathing Life Into Stone (Allemagne)

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Breathing Life Into Stone

Der Stein zum Leben
Katinka Zeuner
2018, Allemagne, 79′
Première internationale
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Stonemason Michael Spengler invites newly bereaved to join him on an artistic journey. Together they design headstones that tell of the deceased. Mr. and Ms. Neustadt have lost their son.Their child’s breath is to be represented in a fragile limestone. Hardburg Stolle dauntlessly swings the hammer that splits a boulder - two parts of her husbands life. The Jacob family searches for an essence of their grandfather’s life. Michael accompanies each family with great sensitivity. The film follows this intimate process. And as the stone takes on its form, the families discover a new relationship with the deceased—and to life.
Langue(s):  Allemand
Édition VdR:  2019


Katinka Zeuner

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