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Felice Farina
2018, Italie, 84′
Première suisse
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Atomic Dialogues is a delicate and earnest love declaration to Italian science, the author has chosen to state in the shape of a "scientific comedy": it is a road movie and a quest for knowledge in the land of contemporary physics, where director himself uses his own camera-man, the young, underpaid and reluctant Nicola, as a guinea pig to demonstrate that even hard topics like quantum mechanics and general relativity can be explained to whoever is convinced to be incapable of understanding them or, even worse, doesn’t even care for such things. So, while Atomic Dialogues is a frugally crafted docu-comedy with a clear educational purpose and an unprecedented selection of rare archive footage; it is also a passionate invitation to everyone who craves to take a peek inside the daily life of those people who have chosen to dedicate their entire lives to ask questions in the name of knowledge.
Langue(s):  Italien
Édition VdR:  2019


Enrico Bufalini

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Felice Farina
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