Art In The Making - Pate de Verre (France)

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Art In The Making - Pate de Verre

Art In The Making - Pâte de Verre
Arthur Monfrais
2018, France, 10′
Première internationale
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How would a piece of art tell its story? Art In The Making tries to answer this question through the journey of a subjective view, both naïve, childish and squirky along the creation process wich become a surrealistic world, yet deeply anchored in reality, where proportions are altered and where close-ups are turned into landscapes. The Technical gesture is shown transcended, freed from any explanation or ready-made idea to bring the focus on its aesthetic and mesmerizing aspect. AITM is a tribute to those ephemeral beauties, unprompted products and collateral damages of the creation process, usually restricted to the only privilege of the artist sight.
Langue(s):  Muet
Édition VdR:  2019


Arthur Monfrais

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Arthur Monfrais
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