Apolo. The Dancing Youth (Espagne)

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Apolo. The Dancing Youth

Apolo. La Juventud baila
Marc Crehuet
2018, Espagne, 51′
Première internationale
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Fede is a mediocre forty year old film director who decides to make a documentary about the most emblematic dance hall in Barcelona, ​​ Apolo, which marked his generation and his personal life. Through the unsuccessful attempts of the documentary maker to make the best of his works, we review the history of the legendary venue and a generation of people who doesn’t know how to grow up. The result is a hilarious tribute to what the Apolo has represented for Barcelona night life, which takes the opportunity to reflect with great humor the moment when a person feels too old to go to discotheques or, on the contrary, continues behaving like a teenager.
Langue(s):  Espagnol, Catalan
Édition VdR:  2019


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