After seven comes more than 8 (Bénin, France, Allemagne)

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After seven comes more than 8

After seven comes more than 8
Sophie De Langloy, Béla Pablo Janssen
2019, Bénin, France, Allemagne, 25′
Première mondiale
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Béla and Sophie are two friends, one is an artist, the other is a director. They want to go to Benin together, for two different reasons. Béla wants to explore this country he knew as a child, when he visited his uncle, who was a well digger. Sophie, on her side, meet several mediums who told her that her soul was from Bénin, and she tries to check it. In the footsteps of an ancestor who made a book documenting the daily life, in a small village in northern Bénin, 30 years ago, our two protagonists, explore the feelings of memory in order to build new ones. To recognize the flavors left intact and the soul twins there, is their path. In the manner of a transfer, the memories will stick on other walls, in Africa or in Europe. Between confessions and anecdotes, the film finds a place of tale.
Langue(s):  Français, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2019


Sophie De Langloy

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