About Love on a Small Island (Royaume-Uni, Iran)

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About Love on a Small Island

Elaheh Habibi
2018, Royaume-Uni, Iran, 26′
Première internationale
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The film About Love on a Small Island is a participatory and reflexive ethnographic film exploring the meaning of love among a Sunni Muslim community in an Iranian village on Qeshm Island. Following the everyday life of a man and his two wives in Qeshm Island, Iran, this film portrays the complicated story of cohabitant of two women and one man after a love relationship dramatically changed their lives. Saleh, Miriam, and Ayesheh who live together in their small rural house became the subject of a film to investigate the complexity of marriage, sexual relationships and the expression of romantic love in an Iranian village. This film is primarily concerned with how the villagers live their private lives under Islamic rules and how their local history is shaped by social conditions. This film is also a journey through reflections on women condition, an attempt to strip away beliefs, myths and prejudices about Muslim women.
Langue(s):  Persan
Édition VdR:  2019


Elaheh Habibi

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