A Man, One Word (Suisse)

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A Man, One Word

Ein Mann ein Wort
Susanne Eigenheer Wyler
2019, Suisse, 50′
Première mondiale
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Jon Andri Tgetgel is proud. Mainly of his leadership qualities. As a Major General, he set targets and led thousands of soldiers. As an engineer, he managed large construction sites. Now the 91-year-old lives alone in his remote Engadine house, and the only creature he can boss around is his cat. "I can't tell anyone what to do anymore; I miss that. Maybe I am a bit of a patriarch. But in the family, too, it’s the man who makes the decisions!" "I have no weaknesses", Jon Andri Tgetgel smiles. "Is that a good enough answer? No, I really don’t have any weakness. Not from my point of view. I know how to control myself in every situation. But ask Jon Duri!" This Swiss man of the old-school was not at all pleased by his son’s divorce, and Jon Duri's new partner – a Canadian of Jamaican-Polish descent – has been summarily banned from the house. "Perhaps it’s a question of time" hopes the son. The film documents this father-son story of a dilemma and the repressed drama about a sick mother.
Langue(s):  Suisse allemand, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2019


Susanne Eigenheer Wyler

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