Waithira (Kenya, Afrique du Sud)

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Eva Munyiri
2017, Kenya, Afrique du Sud, 71′
Première européenne
'Waithira' is an intricate family portrait. Eva Munyiri left her birth country, Kenya, aged 14 and has lived in 3 different continents since then leaving her somewhat “rootless”. Her journey to discover who her paternal grandmother, named Waithira, was leads her to Germany, Wales and Kenya where three women (her eldest sister and two cousins) named Waithira for their grandmother live. The director weaves a tapestry of two generations of African women from the fragments of these three women’s lives as well as the recollections of her uncle Kamau an eighty-year old man who lives on the family’s traditional land in Kenya. WAITHIRA explores the director’s intimate history and its intersections with forgotten Kenyan history, pop culture and the diaspora. The film thus seeks to investigate how our known, unknown and imagined past impacts our lives.
Langue(s):  Swahili
Édition VdR:  2018


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