Valzeina - Life in Paradise (Switzerland)

Valzeina - Life in Paradise

Valzeina - Life in Paradise

  • Roman Vital


Valzeina is a remote village in the heart of Europe, where the authorities bought an abandoned house and transformed it into a facility for rejected asylum seekers. Today one of four of the inhabitants of the community are foreigners in this «Paradise». The microcosm of a small mountain village illustrates the global issue how we, the privileged, are dealing with illegal immigrants. It shows through an unusual perspective the conflict between compassion and justice.
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Durée: 78'
Pays: Suisse
Année: 2013
Langue(s): Suisse allemand, Anglais, Afrikaans
Edition VdR : 2013


Roman Vital – klubkran Filmproduktion

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Roman Vital
klubkran Filmproduktion
Tél. 41798273211


Film disponible sur la Media Library, du 21 avril au 29 juillet 2017, pour les accrédités DOCM.