SAUDADE (Suisse, Allemagne)

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Graca Vaz
2017, Suisse, Allemagne, 7′
Première mondiale
This Short experimental Documentary will guide us along the feeling of “Saudade”, the Portuguese word that defines the longing for someone or something, in a profound state of melancholia. Through the testimony of Elias, a Syrian refugee in Berlin, we slowly touch the ropes of the feeling and are gently invited to float along the steps of two actesses, in a sequence of images that in an abstract interpretation of the Director, paths the journey of this feeling. A dance around Saudade that composes a frame for the feeling through a composition of frames, that humanizes each character and conects to the spectator himself. How closely can one relate to a stranger pain through emotions or memories that are not shared in time but reflect a similar and emotional skin?
Langue(s):  Anglais
Édition VdR:  2018


Isabela Falcão Vaz

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Isabela Falcão Vaz
Tél. +41788545498


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