Mirror Dreams (Pays-Bas)

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Mirror Dreams

Marjoleine Boonstra
2018, Pays-Bas, 54′
Première internationale
In Mirror Dreams, students at a vocational school confront themselves by talking to their mirror images.At age 17, the students learn basic maths. Again and again and again. Because it is pretty hard to figure out how to measure the perimeter of a rectangular room. Luckily, an easier path has been paved for these students: vocational schools. Vocational schools offers practical schooling for adolescents. . In all openness, they speak of the vulnerable sides to their existence, unmasking their anonymity. An emotional tombola of adolescents who, despite their - sometimes painful - backgrounds, try to keep moving on. With the help of teachers who undergo the same confrontation, director Marjoleine Boonstra searches for a balance between the pupils’ potential professional life and their emotional baggage. Faces will stare at you, adolescents who want to move on, barely out of childhood. They have been safe, in the secure arms of education. But what comes after that?
Langue(s):  Néerlandais
Édition VdR:  2018


Monique Busman

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Monique Busman
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