LEGACY (Allemagne)

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Christoph Hübner, Gabriele Voss
2017, Allemagne, 108′
Première internationale
Dark rooms, show-cases are opened, dented pots and pans, something is dismantled. / A woman shows photos of her father, one from 1939, another from 1948: “… in between something painful must have happened”. / A man fetches a black suitcse: “… everything is in there,” / A young Israeli woman guides through an exhibition and asks: “How can a policeman become a mass murderer?” / A central Registry, filing cabinets, labels: Stutthof, Groß-Rosen, Sachsenhausen ... Drawers full of yellow filing cards. / A young man shows a series of photos, amongst which his mother discovers that her father was a high-ranking Nazi. / The mother, a therapist, says: “I wanted to know and at the same time didn’t.” / Facing her a colleague. His grandparents, Hungarian Jews, were shot in Budapest on the Danube. Both try to have a dialogue … People and their history. Children and grandchildren of the Nazi era. Their attempt to understand, what is left behind to them.
Langue(s):  Allemand, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2018


Christoph Hübner

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