Garden of Memories (Bangladesh)

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Garden of Memories

Humaira Bilkis
2017, Bangladesh, 71′
Première mondiale
Garden of Memories is a story of entrapment. At the last pages of his life, Chieftain Padmoluv Bunarjee waits for his death, still nostalgic of his British colonial masters. Young Chieftain Sojoy Yadav continues to serve although the tea garden complex appears as a trap to him. School drop-out Chandan Bauri escapes the circle of poverty & exploitation. The three characters are a reflection of each other and complete the archetype of a tea garden worker in Bangladesh. Every plant in the garden is a mute witness to the unsaid stories of their lives. The aimless ranting of memory by the old chieftain Padmaluv, the strict work flow of Sojoy and the escapade of Chandan interact with each other in a placid flow to create a grand narrative that continuously moves between a death wish and the lust for life.
Langue(s):  Bengali, Bhojpuri, Odia
Édition VdR:  2018


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