Escape (Brésil, Espagne)

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Vinicius Sassine, Mariana Paschoal, Julien Mérienne, Maria Chatzi
2017, Brésil, Espagne, 52′
Première internationale
Lludy was forced to leave her home in Barcelona, so now she depends on a storeroom for keeping her innumerable belongings. During her usual everyday search for objects, she reflects on her life, her decisions, her life as a migrant, her solitude. Brazilian, prostitute, transvestite, Lludy finds in the outskirts of Camp Nou some sense of belonging. In Candomblé, she reaches a spiritual meaning. The changes in her body are incessant, and she lives one of the most delicate moments of her existence. The documentary “Escape” attepts to capture the movement of Brazilians trying to escape from the country that kills most transvestites in the world.
Langue(s):  Espagnol, Portugais
Édition VdR:  2018


Vinicius Sassine
Mariana Paschoal

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