Endless Blue (Arménie)

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Endless Blue

Endless blue
Liana Smbatyan
2017, Arménie, 17′
Première mondiale
In the north of Portugal, one hour from Lisbon, there is a touristic place called Ericeira. It is a fishermen village and a heaven for surfers. In the shore, right on the beach there is a building called Life boat station where 3 lifeguards have to work 8 hours per day. Usually when we imagine a lifeguard in our heads we see someone with a superpower, a hero but in fact we see, that being a lifeguard, being a hero means to wait for the right moment. Every day they write a report. The report says that nothing has happened. In life rescue station in Ericeira nothing happens, usually they spend most of the time waiting for something to happen, and when you are waiting you starting to see other things. At some point the moment will arrive, when they will have a real mission to save a life. The poetic moments of waiting will be tied in a story, and through them the film is intended to portray the transformation of before and after saving a life.
Langue(s):  Portugais
Édition VdR:  2018


Liana Smbatyan

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