Bygone Friulani (Italie)

Bygone Friulani

Furlans di une volte

  • Anna Fuga


We have to listen our elders because they are the memory of who we are and where we come from.

I’ve been listening to stories of those who were born and have been living in Friuli-Venezia Giulia since the 1920's to nowadays. What has changed in almost 100 years?

Dress code? School? Income? Love? War? But above all, Life?

These old men and women open up with pride and tenderness, in their own mother tongue: « il friulano », the regional native language from their region in the North of Italy. One thing is certain, despite hard living conditions, they did not lack humour or character.

Section:  Market
Durée:  55'
Pays:  Italie
Année:  2016
Statut de première à VdR:  International Premiere
Edition VdR:  2017


Anna Fuga

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