KO (Autriche)



  • Heimo Aga


Ko Lipe is a small Thai island in the Andaman Sea, originally inhabited only by a few hundred Chao Leh (so called „Sea Gypsies“) of the Urak Lawoi tribe. In the last couple of years, mass tourism has arrived on the island—with all positive and negative consequences for its inhabitants, their way of life and the environment.

Viennese filmmaker Heimo Aga has visited the island many times over the last years; his first documentary feature draws a picture of this complex and irreversible development, with strong images rather than extensive dialogue, with empathy and humor instead of raised fingers.

KO will have its World Premiere at CayFilm (June 1-4).

Section:  Market
Durée:  88'
Pays:  Autriche
Année:  2015
Statut de première à VdR:  World Premiere
Edition VdR:  2016


Heimo Aga

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