Recognition (Allemagne)



  • Sharon Ryba-Kahn


Noga is a high school teenager who is eager to be accepted into the best unit of the Israeli army. Moran is a religious social worker who has chosen as a home town Sderot, which is under the threat of rockets. In this Israeli-Jewish town also lives Hanadi, a young Arab woman from the northern part of the country, fighting for her identity. Through an attempt to understand the choices of these women, the personal story of the filmmaker is revealed. From north to south, from past to present, the quest for answers creates an intimate portrait of women in a country at war.

Section:  Market
Durée:  86'
Pays:  Allemagne
Année:  2015
Langue(s):  Hébreu, Arabe, Anglais
Statut de première à VdR:  Swiss Premiere
Edition VdR:  2016


Mathias Schwerbrock

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Mathias Schwerbrock
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Langue(s):  Hébreu, Arabe, Anglais