Jamal's Own Images from the Prison (République tchèque)

Jamal's Own Images from the Prison

Jamalovy vlastní záběry z vězení

  • Tereza Bernátková Freyová


Film reflects the view as a power device of culturally privileged Western elite, which creates the image of another to strengthen its own formula: to know = power. Inspired by texts by F. Fanon and Homi K. Bhabha I try to find out positions available to both.

The viewer will see images taken from the so-called "Open Prison", where Israeli government summoned the Muslim refugees from Sudan and Eritrea. Also, there are shots taken by a crew of international film students shooting a film about life and current situation one of them, Jamal Omar.

Section:  Market
Durée:  24'
Pays:  République tchèque
Année:  2016
Langue(s):  Anglais, Hébreu
Statut de première à VdR:  World Premiere
Edition VdR:  2017


Film And TV School Of Academy Of Performing Arts In Prague

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Tereza Bernátková Freyová
Tél. +420732573470


Langue(s):  Anglais, Hébreu