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Kata Oláh
2016, Hongrie, 71′
Première internationale
A story of an East European woman born in 1940 as one of the millions of protagonists of the Holocaust sentenced to inhuman death in the moment of her birth. How did she survive? How can we look upon all the fatal coincidences, the devotion and faith of her mother, the help of all those good people whose bravery was strong enough against the evil? Through the kaleidoscope of her painful memories timeless pains open up in images revealing events we have never heard and stories we have all heard so many times but are and will always be impossible to understand. She had to carry her lost identity from the age of 4 through the difficult times of the communism. The revolution in 1956, the regime change of 1989 left its mark in her life and soul, deepening her lost identity. The only boy grandson is the first in the family who finds connection to the belief of his great-grandparents. As a messenger of the ancestors he can help his grandmother, our mother to remember.
Langue(s):  Hongrois, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2017


Kata Oláh

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