THE CHINESE RECIPE: bold and smart (Suisse)

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THE CHINESE RECIPE: bold and smart

THE CHINESE RECPE: mutig und klug
Neuenschwander Juerg
2015, Suisse, 95′
Western perceptions of China are usually dominated by images of rapidly growing megacities and of an economy that immediately copies anything being developed anywhere in the world. THE CHINESE RECIPE: bold and smart reveals what these images so often hide: people – optimistic, inquisitive, witty and artful, hard-working individuals. Engineer Xiaohui Zhou builds hi-fi systems that are “better than the originals”. He finds the blueprints online, the high-end components on rubbish dumps, and the customers via an online store. Ruilin Wang, a long-time entrepreneur, also follows the Chinese recipe for copying. He develops machines and works with a Swiss partner who chose to merge with Ruilin’s firm rather than filing patent suits against it. Drone developer Chuan Angelo Yu and his team are dreaming big: they want to be accepted into the global community of high-tech pioneers, and travel to California to seek their fortune. A fascinating, and entertaining look behind the scenes.
Langue(s):  Mandarin, Anglais, Suisse allemand
Édition VdR:  2016


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