The Brother I Never Knew (Italie)

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The Brother I Never Knew

Le frère que je n'ai jamais connu
Silvia Ferretti, Yuki Flavia Bagnardi
2016, Italie, 19′
Première internationale
"The brother I never knew" is the story of an exodus and a family involved in it, in Nigeria in the 80s where millions of immigrants from neighboring countries, were established by creating for themselves and their families better living conditions…Kicked, forced to flee en masse, dispossessed of their property, the millions of workers without a residence permit, which for years had contributed to the economic growth of Nigeria in the years of oil and wellbeing, then became the protagonists-victims of the biggest exodus of African history. Among them was a Togolese family: a father, a mother and a child of three years... The brother never knew.The story that they lived is told, in our film, from the second son of the family to which the history was passed down orally by his parents. A intimate story, personal, that through the fate of a family, tells the pain of a people.
Langue(s):  Français, Afrikaans, Italien, Anglais
Édition VdR:  2016


Silvia Ferretti
Yuki Flavia Bagnardi

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